Art Beat

Live with Mark Waigwa – Tha Koala!

Mark Waigwa, aka THA KOALA, joined us for Monday Night Live to share his music and his vision with us.

Musician/Photographer John Milles on #ARTsolation Update for Art Beat

Musician and photographer John Milles (John Milles Music | milles’ ARTography) joined Grayden to talk about how COVID-19 has influenced his work on April 13th. They also chatted about how he got into performing as well as photography. Durin

Artist/Blacksmith Scott McKay on #ARTsolation Update for Art Beat

Artist and blacksmith Scott McKay (Strong Arm Forge - Artist Scott McKay) joined Grayden to talk about how COVID-19 has impacted his work up to this point.

What is #ARTsolation? How can you participate?

Join Sarah Booth (Small Business Enterprise Centre) and Grayden Laing (Establish Media/Laing Studios) as they chat about how the concept for #ARTsolation originated and how it has developed since!

Jeorge Withajay on Art Beat – Episode 3 April 12 2020

Jeorge of Skin City Records talks with us and previews "The Father Song"!

Deni Gauthier on Art Beat – Episode 2 (April 2, 2020)

Grayden speaks with Deni Gauthier about his music and how COVID-19 has affected his family.

Wings Mural Timelapse & Interview with Kelsey Montague

Grayden Laing caught up with Kelsey Montague in December while she was working on her St. Thomas Mural!

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