What is #ARTsolation? How can you participate?

Join Sarah Booth (Small Business Enterprise Centre) and Grayden Laing (Establish Media/Laing Studios) as they chat about how the concept for #ARTsolation originated and how it has developed since!

Stay tuned for future episodes that will include chats with Strong Arm Forge – Artist Scott McKay, John Milles Music, Angela Elizabeth Marie Hardy, and Laura Woermke Artist.

1. What is #ARTsolation? 2. How can you participate?

1. #Artsolation is an online art project curated through using the hashtag #artsolation on Instagram. As artists, during this time of isolation, we can stay connected by creating and sharing our work with our community. By using unique hashtags when we post we can connect up with like minded individuals.

2a. As an artist you can participate by tagging your instagram posts with the hashtag #artsolation. While this program is geared towards setting up on online gallery to help artists sell their works, there is no limiting factor – any artist can tag their work to join the conversation. Visual art, dance, music, theatre, flower arrangement, poetry, yoga – or any of the arts – make a post and share it!

2b. As a someone who’s not creating, but loves the concept, you can participate by liking and commenting on posts. All support is appreciated! And when the gallery goes live, maybe consider buying a piece (or two!).

Thanks to our partners in this project: St. Thomas-Elgin Public Art Centre, Small Business Enterprise Centre, Railway City Tourism, Van Pelt’s Business Solutions, and Laing Studios.

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