Deni Gauthier on Art Beat – Episode 2 (April 2, 2020)

Our second episode features musician Deni Gauthier.

“He Said/She Said is the latest step in Deni’s growing musical legacy, following Quiet Town (2014) and Passenger (2016). His catalogue also includes the Christmas CD Let Your Heart Be Light (2014) and a variety of B-Side and remix albums. When he’s not playing and recording his own music, he produces albums for other artists at his Second Records studio in St. Thomas, Canada. He is an International Songwriters Competition finalist, Spirit Award recipient, and no stranger to many nominations and nods throughout his career.”


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Deni just returned from Florida, where he spent March break with his family. Upon his return he had 53 upcoming gigs all canceled, including a 3 week tour in Europe.

He’s also been in self quarantine with his family for 14 days after coming back from the US. Now he’s in quarantine for another 14 days with his six member family because they all have COVID-19 symptoms.

Everyone is ok, but the question is, what does the future hold now after this? How does this change society? How is this going to effect musicians who go into rooms with 40 people to play gigs?

But at the end of the day, Deni’s still upbeat and feels that this will get better.

Along with chatting about the doom and gloom of the state of society we also played a segment from “Next Line”, which is on Deni’s new album, He Said She Said.

Deni also works with other artists through his studio, Second Records, and during our talk he gave shout outs to the latest albums by Sarah Smith Music (mixed) and Linda McRae (produced).

There’s also a shout out to Laura Woermke (Laura Woermke Artist), who designed his beautiful album cover.

Look Deni up on Spotify. You can listen to He Said She Said Here:

You can also buy his albums, merch, and artwork on his website:

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