Jeorge Withajay on Art Beat – Episode 3 April 12 2020

There are a lot of talented artists working on their craft around the world. Jeorge Withajay has been evolving his music for decades and is currently producing music from his studio, Skin City Records, in St. Thomas, Ontario. Grayden Laing of Laing Studios, called him today to check in with him for third episode of Art Beat for Establish Media.

Skip ahead to 5:45mins to hear an exclusive preview of “The Father Song”.

Jeorge is also an artist with a wide variety of styles and musical influences, and you can see that from his early work with the Lovely Lads to Trole Bros to his later work as Withajay. The tracks he is producing now, which you will be able to hopefully hear later this year, are incredible.

This interview gives a brief glimpse into his world, but don’t stop there, check out this playlist on Spotify which features his work as well as other local muscians:

Be warned, there are explicit lyrics in some of the songs in the playlist, but that’s art.

Check out the Art Beat tag for all the past episodes and to see when new ones get posted.


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