Mayor's Update

Mayor’s Update: Nov 24, 2020

Mayor's Update, Nov 24, 2020, with Joe Preston - Mayor ST.Thomas Ontario. We're in testing mode for the website right now and it will be fully functional in a week! If you see something odd, let us know so we can get it fixed - thanks!

The Mayor’s Update Live – Oct 27 2020

Big Brothers Big Sisters Walkathon, Art Centre Acution, Remembrance Day, Drive-by Parade, shelters, and more

The Mayor’s Update – Oct 20, 2020

Development charges, alternative voting, wards and the city council

Mayor’s Update Live, Sept 29 2020

Christmas Holiday Parade, Mental Health Facilities, Garbage in alleys, trick or treating

Mayor’s Update Live with Mayor Joe Preston, Sept 22, 2020

Thanks to Mayor Joe for making time each week to chat!

Mayor’s Update Live with Mayor Joe Preston, Sept 15 2020

Street parking, Pinafore Park ice rink, the Horton Farmer's Market, needle cleanup

Mayor’s Update Live, Sept 1 2020

New hospital funding, transit/construction update, scaffolding, regional bus service

The Mayor’s Update Live – Aug 25, 2020

Thanks Mayor Joe for chatting with us today.

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