Photography by Austin Mcnulty

Austin is a local photographer, grew up here and loves our community. He has a drive for taking photos because of his love for birds - but doesn't limit his photographic endeavours to only capturing shots of his feathered friends.

Strategic Plan: St. Thomas… A Compassionate, Vibrant and Thriving Community

Following several months of work including dialogue with community stakeholders and the completion of a city-wide survey, City Council is pleased to release its strategic priorities, goals and commitments which will lead decision making for

CIRA awards $74,255 grant to STEAM Education Centre

STEAM Education Centre in St. Thomas was the recipient of a $74,255 grant from Canadian Internet Registry Authority (CIRA) for the purpose of furthering digital literacy for students in Indigenous and rural communities.

Horton Farmers’ Market Opening in 2021 with Changes

With a new year comes new opportunities and we are pleased to announce that, beginning with the 2021 market season, the St. Thomas Economic Development Corporation (EDC) will take over management of the Horton Farmers’ Market.

Freedom of Expression and Hate Speech on Social Media – St. Thomas Tonight

Protecting freedom of expression and making sure that people are not subject to discrimination or hate. St. Thomas Tonight with Dan Reith and Grayden Laing - January 25

Mayor’s Update – Jan 19, 2020 Housing, Shelter, & Support Follow Up.

Mayor's Update - Jan 19, 2020 Housing, Shelter, & Support Follow Up.

St. Thomas Tonight – Free Speech and Libertarianism

St. Thomas Tonight - January 18, 2020- Free Speech and Libertarianism.

Mayor’s Update SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – Millions of Dollars for Housing and more..

Mayor's Update SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT - With MPP Jeff Yurek - Millions of Dollars for Housing, Shelter, & Support from Province for Our Community.

St. Thomas Tonight – All Things Rail City & The World

Politicians and Health Care Officials Going on Vacation During Covid-19. Should we allow freedom of speech? At what point is it too much? Why isn't there a hat shop in St. Thomas?

Mayor’s Update – Jan 5, 2020

When will St. Thomas be able to vaccinate all those that want to get vaccinated? Can we have a facility here to help with mental health and addictions?

St. Thomas Tonight – From The Headlines

Politicians Going on Vacation During Covid-19. Education Minister Says Schools are Safe - Experts Disagree. Should we do four weeks of a hard lockdown?

Mayor’s Update – Dec 22, 2020

Mayor's Update with Joe Preston - Mayor St. Thomas Ontario - Dec 22. Legends Tavern painting being auctioned off via Laing Studios to raise funds for Inn Out Of The Cold St. Thomas-Elgin.