Wildflowers Farm Market Details – Opening June 5th

This afternoon Grayden had a chat with Jane Magri from Wildflowers Farm to talk about how she and her partner Chuck put together a farm market plan in 48hrs. They did this after hearing on Wednesday that The Horton Farmers’ Market would not open for the 2020 market season after St. Thomas City Council voted against the market board’s proposed plan and budget on Tuesday night.

The plan Jane and Chuck put together has approval from Southwestern Public Health and the market’s opening day is June 5th from 4pm-8pm and will continue on Fridays until Thanksgiving.

Social distancing measures will be in place as well as sanitization processes following the recommended guidelines.

The market will also include food vendors and trucks such as pizza from Elgin Harvest, so visitors can pickup their local produce as well as grab dinner. Visitors will be encouraged to put their orders in ahead of time with the food vendors and that way there will be not wait time when they pickup their meals.

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