Two Forks: Speaking Up Against Cancel Culture on Social Media

This weekend two of our friends and their business, Two Forks, were attacked on social media. Rob and Terrie have been working hard to continue to operate their restaurant business in Port Stanley through COVID-19 – and now the closure of the bridge. In spite of that, they have continued to fight for their dream and provide an amazing place for the rest of us to enjoy delicious food, phenomenal cocktails, and experiences like the outdoor movie night they put on this past Saturday.

There was some sort of reservation miscommunication between one of their staff and the parties involved and instead of being polite about it, the parties involved decided to go on the attack. So much so, that even after Terrie apologized for something see had no control over, she had to hang up the call. After that, the parties went to social media and they and their friends from Ontario and Quebec attacked Terrie and Rob and their business by posting negative reviews as well as negative comments on positive reviews. With the current emergency measures in place, online reviews are more important than ever, and even knowing this could shut down a business in a struggling industry – they and their friends decided to do just that. Over a cancelled reservation.

It boggles our minds that people can feel justified doing this. Anyway, if you happen to see those reviews, reviews from people with no actual experience going to Two Forks, this audio interview is the other side of the story.

Don’t just take our word for it though, call Two Forks and make a reservation, order any of their delicious items and enjoy their patio. You won’t be disappointed – plus, they could use the support right now.

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