The Full Scoop: Bridges to Better Business 2020

Tara McCaulley (Small Business Enterprise Centre) and Grayden Laing (Establish Media) chat about the upcoming (July 30) Bridges to Better Business 2020 event.

Part One of This years event, Bridges to Better Business: A Conversation with Barb Stegemann (which is now online), welcomes Social Entrepreneur and CBC’s Dragons’ Den Top Game Changer, Barb Stegemann, founder, and CEO of The 7 Virtues, as their special guest.

Barb will share how even with the temporary closing of her 600 stores she was able increase online sales by 139%. During this inspirational talk Barb will explain techniques on how to thrive during adversity as a business using what she did during COVID-19 as an example.

Local food businesses are also participating in a food booklet ($140 value) that comes with the purchase of your $25 ticket (…/bridges-to-better-business…). So by spending $25… you’re getting over 5 times the value in local food options! You can see all the details here:

You can also order a delicious meal for the event, Custom Catering & Co. is providing a “A Taste Of Caribana” ( at the outrageously affordable price of $15! The pickup location is Caps Off Brewing Co. (168 Curtis Street, St. Thomas) so you can also pick up a craft brew for dinner while you’re there!

Participating Food Businesses:

*St. Thomas celebrity cameo by the founder of the Caps Off Run Club, Chris Enns, who also happens to be celebrating a birthday today! Happy birthday Chris!

**Local business shoutout to Legends Tavern and their delicious wings, which both Grayden and Tara have been enjoying during the COVID-19 emergency.

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