St. Thomas Chalk Artist Tattoos London City Hall because Black Lives Matter

Until recently, Lyndsay Collard did all of her chalk artwork in secret. Since being unmasked ( she has become St. Thomas, and now, London famous. She does her work quietly, but that doesn’t stop people from searching her out. Alexandra Kane, the media spokesperson for Black Lives Matter – London Ontario, saw Lyndsay’s work the day after the last protest on June 6th when she went back to Victoria Park the next day. After posting about it, Alexandra found out who Lyndsay was, touched base, and asked her to do chalk art officially for the next protest on June 20th. Lyndsay of course said yes, and now the people of St. Thomas have something more to be proud of. Keira Roberts, one of the Co-Founders of Black Lives Matter – London Ontario, was so touched she gave a personal shout out to Lyndsay for her work. Here is the record of that story.

Stay tuned for our next video, which will be about the protest.

#BlackLivesMatter #BLM

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