St. Thomas and Area’s first ever Virtual Farmers’ Market!

PLEASE SHARE: St. Thomas and Area’s first ever Virtual Farmers’ Market, Cultivate Virtual Farmers’ Market, has been three years in the making. When Vicki Asher, manager of the Talbot Teen Centre, was first envisioning it, she was hoping to start with teens working in a garden. They would be involved with seeding, planting, harvesting and then have a chef come in to do cooking classes with the teens using the food.

With the advent of COVID-19 her plans switched gears and took the form of a virtual market that the teens will help operate. She organized certification through Farmers’ Markets Ontario – and The CULTIVATE Virtual Farmers’ Market is actually the first virtual market to be approved!

They already have 18 vendors confirmed and they are super excited about having youth involved in this initiative.

Huge shout out to Southwestern Public Health for being an amazing resource to help get this organized.

For all the details watch the video and then follow the Cultivate Virtual Farmers’ Market and the Talbot Teen Centre Facebook pages for updates!————–Thanks to our Patreon Patrons and our show sponsor, Joe Preston – Mayor ST.Thomas Ontario & Wendy’s, for seeing the value in these stories and supporting us through our Patreon account:

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