Restaurant Patios

The St. Thomas Downtown Development Board is helping with the sidewalk patios as a pilot project for downtown businesses. The funding for the project came from an anonymous private donor and was administered by Andrew Gunn from Andrew Gunn Consulting.

The first patio to be installed was at Why Not Cookies Cafe last night. It was crafted and installed by local artisans Katherine Medlyn and Bob Keeler from Medlyn Studio. We dropped by to grab some shots and touch base with Brenda Burge, the owner of the cafe, about what it feels like to get a patio at this time.

We also dropped by the The St. Thomas Roadhouse, who will also be getting a sidewalk patio as a part of the pilot project, but in addition to that have installed a patio at the back of their establishment to provide them with more seating space. This afternoon we chatted briefly with Sam Aboumourad, one of the co-owners, about how COVID-19 has affected his business and how patios are helping during this difficult time.


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Pop-Up Patios will be installing four more patios at Bella Jacks Mexican Cantina, The Bistro, St. Thomas Roadhouse, and Streamliners Espresso Bar at some point during the day tomorrow.

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