Strategic Plan: St. Thomas… A Compassionate, Vibrant and Thriving Community

February 9, 2021

Following several months of work including dialogue with community stakeholders and the completion of a city-wide survey, City Council is pleased to release its strategic priorities, goals and commitments which will lead decision making for the next 3 years. Underlying its strategic goals is a desire for the city to be an environmentally responsible community.

Going forward, the goals and commitments will become core mandates for City Council and City Administration and in our relationship with key community partners who will engage with us.

“ The development of the strategic priorities is a major, meaningful accomplishment of City Council and with specific commitments now identified I know St. Thomas will continue to be compassionate and vibrant and, that it will thrive well into the future” states Mayor Joe Preston.

The City was assisted by staff within the Corporate Training Solutions Division of Fanshawe College in the development of the plan.

The strategic plan can be found below.

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