Grace Toto puts Prejudice and Racism into Perspective for Us

Children can often put prejudice and racism into better perspective than adults by simplifying it for us. 10yr old Grace Toto took time out of her day to help share, in her own words, how it has impacted her and why it needs to stop. She also brought artwork with her that we are proud to be able to share with everyone as well.

Have a listen to what Grace and her mother, Katie Burk, have to say, and the next time you hear or see something in our community that has roots in prejudice and/or racism please do your part to stop it by speaking up or contacting someone who can help. And if you don’t know who to contact, touch base with Victim Services Elgin ( so they can point you in the right direction.

Thanks to Grace Toto and her parents, Victor Toto and Katie Burk, for talking with us today and carrying this dialogue forward. Thanks for watching.

#blacklivesmatter #blm

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