Alexandra Kane at the Black Lives Matter Protest – June 6, 2020

For more info on the march and to read about the Black Lives Matter organizers demands for racial justice, you can check out our article here:…/blacklivesmatter…. To stay up to date, follow their facebook page: Black Lives Matter – London Ontario.

Alexandra Kane, the media spokesperson for Black Lives Matter – London Ontario, had a lot of important things to say at the protest on June 6th, 2020. This is only a small portion of her message.

“These are not the hands of violence … for far too long we have been accused of being thugs, criminals … let’s prove them wrong, these are not the hands of violence”

You won’t get the full impact without watching the video.

The second #blacklivesmatter peaceful protest will be held Saturday June 20, 3pm in front of London City Hall. If you go, please remember to adhere to Middlesex London Health unit guidelines regarding COVID-19.

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