The Rumour Train LIVE! With Heather Jackson and Dan Reith – April 27, 2020

We will be back next week at 7:30pm on Monday, May 4th, to get to the bottom of any and all rumours whether they are from The Railway City, our national mediasphere, or the global community of which we are a part.

Have a rumour you want us to look into? Contact us here or on Facebook!

This Week’s Rumours:

  • Does injecting disinfectants cure the Corona virus?
  • Are the St. Thomas Police issuing fines to people who travel with more than 5 people in a car?
  • Is the NHL going to finish it’s season via an online gaming platform?
  • When the NHL returns, will it be “no contact”?
  • Is urban farming the new craze? Victory Gardens in front lawns?
  • Are public school students not go back to school until the fall?
  • Will the housing market bubble bust come autumn?
  • Bonus x1: Dan shared his favourite Key Lime Cheesecake Recipe near the end of the show!
  • Bonus x2: Heather shared details about United Way Elgin Middlesex and how they are continuing to support the people and groups in our area that need it.

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