The Rumour Train Live on June 22, 2020

Dan Reith and Heather Jackson joined Jessica Andrews and Grayden Laing for another rousing conversation on the Rumour Train… which may be renamed to Cocktails and Conversations… thoughts? Yay? Nay?

On this episode with talked about how Trinity Anglican Church is actually now up for sale, this comes after we released a previous Rumour Train episode in March of 2019 talking about how the church would not go up for sale (we included that clip in this chat).

Next we made the Madras live on the air while being coached by Dan! For those who joined us last week, this was the cocktail Dan recommended then.

For anyone that thinks CERB is tax free, please talk to your accountant. CERB is not tax free and you may be able to earn more money by helping local farmers harvest their crops ($25/$35/hr).

Black Lawn Jockeys also came up because Dan saw an article about it today and asked if any of use knew about them (we didn’t, but read a couple articles talking about their use as signals during the underground railroad). If you want to go down the rabbit hole of online discussion on them check out all the links proved by the Snopes commenters:…/lawn-jockey-underground-railroad/. That lead to a light mention of history and how statues are currently being taken down and some roads may be getting renamed. From there we talked briefly about the Black Lives Matter campaign and the Defund the Police component. That led into a discussion about community policing and how different municipal police services are from one another and our gratitude for the openness of our police service to have a dialogue about this.

From there we went into the new cement pour at the old Alma College site (happening on the 27th of June) and housing strategies for cities.

We closed out with the promise of a Canada Day Cocktail recipe from Dan that we will share before going live next Monday!

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