The Rumour Train Live – July 27 2020

We had another lively discussion about:

  • the new $5000 fine for people who don’t quarantine within our public health area (Elgin and Oxford counties)
  • the state of Canadian Journalism (Barbara Kay leaving her column at the National Post)
  • the We charity in relation to the Trudeau Government’s handling of the $912-million student volunteering program
  • types of rhetorical devices used in debates (Logos, an appeal to logic; Pathos, an appeal to emotion; Ethos, an appeal to ethics; and Kairos, an appeal to time.).

We also discussed other fun things (like how people are paid to create web articles that will support fringe views, with no basis in fact, because those articles generate A LOT of web traffic – which in turn, advertisers pay to put ads on…). Tune in to get the full scoop!

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