The Rumour Train Live! – Aug 10 2020

This evening we discussed:

  • Wildflowers Farm being threatened with shut-down of their Agritourism business by an official from the municipality of Central Elgin. What do you do as a business when you’ve sold 100 tickets to two social distanced events (200 tickets total) and you get a call saying you have to shut it down?
  • On-going mask debate.
  • The Chatham-Kent medical officer of health (Dr. David Colby) whose background is in microbiology and virology who recommends masks but not making them mandatory accross the board. This article is an opinion column from the pro-mandatory mask side with words from Dr. Colby: (…/column-chatham-kent-medical…). Mandatory masks went to a council vote in Chatham-Kent this evening, apparently without Dr. Colby’s input, and passed (…/masks-now-mandatory-for…/).
  •  Should we re-evaluate our social bubbles at this stage of the pandemic?

Thanks to Dan Reith, Jess Andrews, and Jane Magri for joining us and thanks to our viewers for watching and supporting local voices and stories!

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