St. Thomas Tonight – All Things Railway City & The World

St. Thomas Tonight – All Things Railway City & The World – Dec 14
As always, fire us a message if there is something you would like us to discuss. Next week our guest will be Sergio Alvarado, CDC, a talented casting director, who runs The Brunch Store (
Main topics covered tonight:
Christmas gatherings likely don’t have contagious disease coverage.
Southwestern Public Health is reccommending you stay home if you have someone in your home that is diagnosed with COVID-19.
Alymer Police charge a group for gathering in a group larger than 10. Constitutional debate – police have no place behind closed doors.
84-year-old man alleges he was assaulted by Aylmer, Ont. pastor’s son.
Is putting up Christmas lights harmful?
Large Mural potentially going up on one of the piers at the Elevated Park.
For more on how murals can transform spaces check out the Wynwood walls in Miami:
Ontario no longer offering free cover-19 tests for international travel.
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