St. Thomas Tonight Oct 5 2020 – All Things Railway City

St. Thomas Tonight – Live with Dan Reith and this weeks guest, Joe Preston – Mayor ST.Thomas Ontario.

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We covered a lot of ground in today’s episode, but our main topics were again how to help the people in our community that are homeless and coping with addictions. There are avenues for help in our community and one of the main places for people to find help navigating the resources available is the day shelter at 423 Talbot Street and our night shelter, Inn Out Of The Cold St.Thomas-Elgin.

Is St. Thomas City Council talking about bringing a safe injection site to the city at this time?

Trust – and how to build it – was also brought up as a main factor for helping people in need to get the services they require. The difficulty in quantifying what will work and what does not was brought up – as well as how are our agencies determining this to help us continue to improve the services in our community. We will be reaching out to those agencies to get their feedback on that topic for a future show.

Health care in our city is the purview of the Provincial government, so we will have to reach out to our MPP, Jeff Yurek, to follow up on some of the questions that were raised today.

We also talked about the ongoing rejuvenation of Talbot Street and whether City Council should request bids for the next section that is currently slated for 2021, or whether Talbot Street merchants could use a break after surviving the stresses that COVID-19 has put on the business sector. Dan raised the point that restaurants could face the most challenges if the city moves ahead with the construction on Talbot next year.

The new police body cams were also discussed and the consensus was that they will be a great addition to help provide transparency when needed. The first of the downtown city cameras was also installed this week.

There was a lot of community engagement this week, which we appreciate. Thanks for watching and participating. If you have something you would like discussed on a future show, please send us a message via Facebook or here on the site, and we will do our best to get the answers to your questions!

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