St. Thomas Tonight Oct 26 2020 – All Things Railway City

St. Thomas Tonight with Dan Reith (Reith & Associates Insurance and Financial Services Limited), Charles Martin ( Charles & Co.), and Marty Lewis (Establish Media). Guest appearance by Joe Preston – Mayor ST.Thomas Ontario.

What a fun show! It’s always amazing when community members come together to pull new things off. One of the hardest things for our business community right now is weathering COVID-19 challenges – whether it’s the additional cost of PPE, the downturn in walk-ins, or the facing new emergency measures that completely flip how we have to do business. That being said, St. Thomas and Elgin have faced hardships before and just like facing large waves on the ocean we always pull together and find a way to keep chugging along thanks to the support of those in our community. So thank you to everyone who continues to support local in these hard times!

If you have something that you’d like us to talk about, or look into, or have a guest that you think we should have on – let us know! The earlier in the week, the better, so we can have more time to build our program.For this show we trialled a new system where we were mixing hosts setup for live filming and live streaming. As always, getting audio and software to play nice is the toughest part! We’ve worked out the kinks and we’ll be back live!


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