Rumour Train Live – Aug 24th 2020

Media Bias Clip:

GDP is down across Canada especially the auto sector and oil industry. Will this last to 2021 or longer?

Do you have travel insurance? Does it cover Covid-19? If your policy renewed after Mar 13th, it may be excluded. Check with your provider.

CDC in the US has dropped the mandatory 14 Day Quarantine after travelling.

The debate for universal income in Canada is now being forwarded by Glen Murray, a Federal Green Party leadership candidate. What do you think about having a universal Income for Canadians?

Have you head about the Anti-COVID Lawsuit filed by a group from Aylmer?…/coronavirus-charter-challenge-1…

What are your thoughts?

Are people more, less, or just as productive working from home and using remote video platforms to communicate? Eg. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc.

Thanks to Dan Reith, Heather Jackson, and Jess Andrews for participating!

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