Monday Night Live, May 11, 2020 – Music & Comedy

Tonight we featured guest performances by musician Deni Gauthier performing “Why Don’t You Call Home” from his Firebox Sessions performance in 2018, Matt Loop as Joe Feline in a Project G Force Comedy Sketch “The Kitty King” alongside Nora Cuzzocrea, and Little Magic Sam performing “Memphis” from his Firebox Sessions performance in 2018.

Also, don’t miss the fun spot for Streamliners Espresso Bar (one of our show sponsors) featuring the talented Celeste Maria Fiallos Castillo talking about how Streamliners Espresso Bar has re-opened! Celeste injects humour into the piece as she explains all the saftey measures that are now in place as well as what items, in addition to your favourite coffees & teas, that are available. The audio dropped out at the beginning the first time we ran the clip – so we played it twice!

We’ll see you live for the Mayor’s Update at approximately 6:55pm!

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