Mayor’s Update Live, Sept 29 2020

Thanks to Joe Preston – Mayor ST.Thomas Ontario for joining us this week.

  • Christmas Holiday Parade – It’s happening in Pinafore Park! This year the vistors will be driving by the floats.
  • Where can people find information about what city employees and the councillors are working on? Here, of course, we’ve been sharing this information weekly for almost two years, and we will continue to do so. Also, City Hall Website -> Talk to the folks at city hall. Participate in the surveys.
  • Facility for Mental Health? A lot of people want the old psyche hospital back to help with the mental health issues in our city. Mayor Joe addressed that and explained why it’s likely not going to happen because of a change in provincial policy several years ago.
  • Garbage in Alley’s behind Talbot street, who deals with this? By-law officers? Police?
  • Will trick or treating by happening in St. Thomas this year? At this point in time citizens have to make this choice based on their comfort level. There is currently no regulations or by-laws in place by any level of government. Southwestern Public Health may be providing guidelines.


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