Live with Mayor Joe Preston for Mayor’s Update Episode 59

City Council has approved the opening of The Horton Farmers Market. It looks like it might open up in a couple of weeks-stay tuned for details. There will be, of course, distancing and safety measures in place. When you go, as the sole representative of your household, look for the new flow of things at the Market. One difference is that the inside of the Market will be closed.

The patios downtown are hopefully coming soon, alongside the re-opening of many businesses, as part of this phase of the COVID-19 regulations. Mayor Joe said that St. Thomas has had a lower number of cases than many municipalities around us. This means that St. Thomas may see re-opening of businesses/sports fields faster than some others.

Systemic racism is present in our community, and we have work to do to end it.

St. Thomas is moving ahead with many construction projects, although some non-priority projects may not see completion.

Mayor Joe shares in discussion about the importance of working together, and keeping an open mind. Mayor Joe also told us that he started his career in politics after protesting a cause in front of City Hall. His protest created change, and he was inspired to enter politics as a result.

When will the movie theatre be able to open at the mall? It is unclear. Businesses moving ahead, will have to incorporate new safety regulations. Businesses will have to make some hard decisions about how/if re-opening under new safety regulations will make sense for them. Churches will be able to open, limiting seating to 30% of their capacity. Malls will be able to open as well, for curbside pickup only.

The cooling station is at 423 Talbot Street (the old Ontario Works building). It is open to anyone who wants to get out of the heat and they will find access to water and washrooms there. There is appropriate space to follow physical distancing guidelines at this center.

The City has been given the go-ahead to open up the public pool, but had already made a decision to close it. Therefore, no staff have been hired, etc. The City will meet this week to review the plan, and make a decision about opening the pool.

Mayor Joe is celebrating his birthday this week! Happy Birthday Mayor Joe!

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