Live with Mayor Joe Preston for Mayor’s Update Episode 57

Welcome to Mayor’s Update Live! We’re here with Joe Preston – Mayor ST.Thomas Ontario right after City Council.

The vacant Council seat has now been filled. Steve Wookie has been appointed Councillor, and was sworn in tonight.

COVID-19 Update. Mayor Preston applauds St. Thomas citizens for following the regulations set out for keeping each other as safe as we can. The City has accrued a bill of $500,000 during this time of COVID-19. Mayor Preston said the City could still explore options to balance this throughout the rest of the year.

Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) are coming to Talbot Street. Mayor Joe states these are intended to keep people safe, and are becoming part of other municipalities’ downtown cores as well. The cameras are intended to monitor public spaces only.

Pop-Up Patios have been approved for the downtown; these will open up as soon as regulations allow.

* Anyone who would like to advertise through Wendy’s take out window/Skip the Dishes, please contact Joe Preston. This includes both for-profit and not-for profit.

The City busses will remain free at this time, likely throughout the summer months as well.

Summer blooms in the downtown may not be as big and extensive this year. The hanging baskets in the downtown will not be hung this year, because putting the baskets together cannot be done from a safe distance. The planters in the downtown and most park spaces will, however, still be planted. The extra plants are currently being sold through the phone lines at the St. Thomas Public Library – so contact them to purchase yours today! for more info.

The disc golf courses have opened up – ensure you’re maintaining social distance.

The City Council voted against the opening of the The Horton Farmers Market at this time.

The City has received $1.787 million through the Social Services Relief Fund to assist people who are homeless in our community. These funds have been provided to our shelters, the YWCA, and for supporting people who are homeless in the City (ie. through the public portable washrooms in the downtown). Some of the money has also been provided to West Elgin for supports in that region.


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