Event Criteria - Establish Media

Event Criteria

Your event must meet the following criteria in order to be approved for posting.

  • All event information must be credible and make sense.
  • The event must take place in Elgin County.
  • The event must be open to the public.
  • The event cannot be part of regularly scheduled programming.
  • The event must be submitted by one of the event organizers.
  • Event listings must not promote, exhibit, illustrate, or manifest hateful, obscene, pornographic, sexual, or illegal content of any kind.
  • The event cannot last for more than 30 days.
  • Your event must be within 6 months of submitted date.

Establish Media reserves the right to edit listing content for grammar and clarity.

Establish Media reserves the right to not list your event. In the event that you have paid for your event listing to be promoted and it does not meet our criteria, your payment will be refunded (deducting transfer fees).