STEAM Education Centre, a St. Thomas based learning centre, is thrilled to announce a
new education initiative made possible by Green Lane Community Trust Fund called ‘The STEAM Engine’.
The STEAM Engine is a dynamic program created by the STEAM Centre out of growing demand for
education enrichment activities combining science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM), and
the need to engage more rurally located students in hands-on, 21st century skill building activities.

STEAM Education Centre has received $30,000 to support the activities of the program including
designing more workshops, doing outreach to groups across the county and purchasing key items to
create a mobile STEAM kit offering some of the STEAM Centre’s new technology, maker hand-tools and
assortment of materials needed to bring ideas, and inventions to life!

In 2019, all school or community groups from Elgin County booking a workshop will be able to request
the STEAM Engine kit to take their learning to the next level. Groups may also be able to borrow items
from the kit to continue learning after the workshop. The grant will also support the travel costs for
instructors delivering program across the County, helping to remove time and cost as barriers to
participation for groups.

“We are thrilled to accept this support from Green Lane Community Trust Fund.” said STEAM Education
Centres’ executive director, Jessica Gransaull. “Today, fewer than half of high school students graduate
with senior STEM courses despite the fact that nearly 70 percent of Canada’s future jobs will require
these proficiencies. And as a rural region, we’re typically given fewer opportunities so our students run
the risk of falling behind their centrally located peers. This gift will allow STEAM Centre to engage more
people across the region, create more workshops, and offer an awesome mobile collection of education
tech for the community”.