On Friday, March 15, Canadian hip hop legends Classified and Maestro Fresh Wes sat down with Hilary Welch of Jack 102.3 and Chris Cherry of Establish Media. The long-time friends talked about the song writing process, how they’re spending their time in London, and the feeling of performing.

Starting Off on the Right Foot

Maestro and Classified first connected in Montreal in 1998 when Classified opened for one of Maestro’s shows.

“But we weren’t friends then,” Classified says. “You were just like, ‘Who’s this guy opening up?'”

“Yeah but I was nice! I was a nice guy! Was I nice?”

“Yeah, you were nice,” Classified confirms with a laugh.

A Day in the Life of a Songwriter

On how to write a song, Classified says, “There’s no rhyme or reason. Sometimes you might be getting groceries, you think of a line, you write it down in your phone. Sometimes you might hear a song playing in the background, you might be watching a show with your kids, you hear the Muppets and a song comes on you want to sample, you sample that. I don’t think there’s any, ‘When you sit down and make a song, you go this way.'”

He adds, “I do find the best song ideas come when there’s no music at all, you just think of a great idea that’s not based around anything other than the idea.”

Maestro agrees – that’s how his hit song “Let Your Backbone Slide” was born, because “the music has to say that [line].”

Passionate About Performing

When it comes to performing, Maestro says, “There’s no feeling like when you’re performing and doing a show. Nothing like that. That’s a whole different animal altogether, that euphoria you get.” He says he doesn’t get tired doing the same show every night because, “I’ve been doing my songs forever, but at the same time it’s not about me, it’s about the fans coming out.”

When asked why he keeps positivity in his music, Maestro says, “To me it’s a blessing to be here.”