After four years of serving stunning cupcakes and epic specialty drinks in St. Thomas, this innovative bakery was ready to grow.

Image courtesy of Chick Boss Cake.

On Tuesday, March 5 at 10am, Chick Boss Cake opened its doors on 222 Wellington Street for the first time. An hour later, fifty customers had gone through and claimed their complimentary $25 online vouchers. But even after the coupons were gone, the people kept flowing in.

By 6pm, the end of opening day for Chick Boss Cake’s London location, co-owner Chad Hamilton estimates that they served between 300 and 400 customers. When the crowd couldn’t fit in the store, they lined up outside in -11 degree weather.

Chick Boss Cake’s London location on opening day. | Image courtesy of Chick Boss Cake.

Chick Boss Cake posted the above photo on Instagram, writing, “To say we are overwhelmed by the love and support of our customers would be an understatement!” Owners Rebecca and Chad Hamilton didn’t know exactly what to expect for opening day, but say that the number of people was “definitely more than we anticipated.”

Chad credits the huge response to their unique products and focus on creating an exceptional experience for customers. “We like to create fans,” he says simply. He says that unlike a Timmies run, when people come into Chick Boss Cake, they aren’t just looking to get in and out – they want to enjoy an experience. Everything from the bakery’s awe-inspiring dessert creations to how they train their employees is focused on making an emotional connection with their customers. “We always go above and beyond to try to get to know every customer that comes in,” Chad says.

Arts Crawl-themed donut pack. | Image courtesy of Chick Boss Cake.

The Hamiltons decided to open up a London location in addition to the St. Thomas store (located at 381 Talbot St.) because many of their customers were already coming from London. If the new expansion succeeds, they have plans to continue opening up new locations, possibly in the Kitchener/Cambridge/Waterloo area next.

Chick Boss Cake offers an assortment of fancy desserts unlike any others you’re likely to see in the area, from strawberry shortcake milkshakes topped with a full cupcake to ‘Tipsy Cupcakes’ – alcohol soaked cupcakes with a tube of alcohol on top for drizzling. Their creative desserts are meant to inspire and amaze, which is what they believe sets the bakery apart. “It’s the experience, it’s the wonderment,” Chad says. “It’s really making people inspired with their own creativity and giving them that really nice feeling that you don’t typically get.”

Image courtesy of Chick Boss Cake.

Visit Chick Boss Cake at 222 Wellington Street, London or 381 Talbot Street, St. Thomas 10am6pm Tuesday to Friday and 10am3pm Saturday to experience the wonder yourself.