Supporting local is something the people of St. Thomas do on the regular. From food to business to art, this town is always eager to discover and support their neighbours.

Despite the neighbourhood stretching to the city of Kingston, Ontario, The Glorious Sons have quickly become a playlist staple for people in the Railway City. Their eclectic rock anthems capture the perfect sound to chill you out, get you excited, and make you want to learn their songs lyric for lyric. This was the case for St. Thomas’s Grayden Laing (Laing Studios) and myself, Jaclyn White (Jac’s House).

the glorious sons
Adam Paquette, The Glorious Sons | Establish Media

Following the band’s S.O.S. tour closely, Grayden and I went down to Brooklyn, New York to catch up with the band as they performed at Rough Trade NYC.

A skyscraper horizon combined with a bustling Brooklyn vibe set the scene for the band whose origins were limestone buildings and an infamous penitentiary. However, as the performance commenced you could feel the Canadian roots remained strong. With friendly dispositions and a carefree energy, the Canadians were under no obligation to perform outside of their laid back characters.

Brett Emmons, The Glorious Sons | Establish Media
Brett Emmons, The Glorious Sons | Establish Media

Lead singer Brett Emmons was loose on his bare feet, covering the whole stage, closely interacting with his fellow band members and those in the audience as if the space was simply his own playground. The band’s uninhibited aesthetic and catchy melodies had the audience beating their feet and nodding their heads, connecting to the stories that were being told through the music.

Jay Emmons | Establish Media

The powerful charisma of this band makes for a great live act, validated by an American crowd that recited the lyrics word for word. Being in the audience as a small town Canadian brought about a sense of pride. To be in a legendary location like Brooklyn, New York, an incubator for artists to catapult into the world of fame, and there we were listening to our neighbours.

Jay Emmons and Brett Emmons, The Glorious Sons | Establish Media

These Canadians are on the move. The Glorious Sons hit #1 with S.O.S. on both the Active Rock radio and Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart to kick off 2019. Their S.O.S. tour across the United States continues until March 14th.

If you are looking to support Canadian music, look no further than The Glorious Sons. They are sure to have you listening closely and feeling good as you beat to narratives that were inspired by a Canadian upbringing.

For more info on their current tour, check out their website: The Glorious Sons.

Special thanks to Black Box Music for arranging media passes for us to attend the show at Rough Trade NYC.

Brett Emmons, Jay Emmons, Chris Koster | Establish Media


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