On December 28th, 2018 there was a fundraiser for a local family at Ollee’s Bar and Eatery (146 Fifth Ave, St. Thomas). The family was the Findlays and they had just lost everything in a fire. The three friends that were playing at Ollee’s (Jeff Underhill, Jeff Butler, and Dave Maifrini) decided to turn their show into a fundraiser to help the Findlays and bring a little happiness back into their lives. When Jeff Underhill talked to Dave Thomson from MyFM 94.1 about helping to promote the event he was immediately on board. I had a chance to chat with Jeff Underhill about how everything came together today, so here is the story in his words:

“I found out about this family because others had nominated us to win the $300 gift certificate to fix our windshield that was damaged by a very large rock that hit us on hwy 400. Luckily the rock itself didn’t come through, but glass shards from the impact did, they actually hit me and my wife in the face,” Jeff said.

Jeff continued, “So we needed a new windshield and it was going to cost more than our insurance was going to pay, which is why our friends nominated us to win the $300 gift certificate from CarStar. When we went to pick up the gift certificate, the Findlay family was also there, and that’s how we learned that they had lost their house and car in a fire and that they didn’t have insurance, because they had had to cancel it.”

So here’s this family that has lost everything, so as a band we said, here’s something we can do to help. Makes you feel a little better about people when something happens like that. They needed a little happiness put back in their lives.

Jeff was committed to helping the Findlays overcome their misfortune. He said, “other than that, I don’t know much about the family themselves. Just the little we learned from talking to them and reading about them on MyFM, but I’m a firm believer in karma and if there’s a way I can help someone, I will.”

Paying it Forward on New Year's Eve

In case you missed it, there was someting heartwarming that happened just before New Year's Eve at Ollees in St. Thomas. Click through for the full story: https://establishmedia.ca/elginstthomas/2019/01/24/paying-it-forward-on-new-years-eve/

Posted by Establish Media on Thursday, January 24, 2019

Life has misfortunes, but sometimes we can depend on the kindness of strangers. Jeff, Dave, and Jeff raised $556 for their show at Ollee’s. The money was dropped off to MyFM and Dave Thomson delivered it to the family on New Years Eve.

Featured Photo: Grayden Laing | Laing Studios/Establish Media