Stephanie and Peter McDermid of the Bear Friend Factory (Whistle Stop Peddlers in Sparta) paid the STEGH Foundation a visit yesterday to make their annual Christmas/holiday donation of ER Buddies.

Stephanie and Peter wanted to do something special to help comfort the children when they are visiting the Emergency Department. Yesterday, they made their largest single donation to date, with 200 ER Buddies delivered! Since they started the program four and a half years ago, they have donated more than 1,100 teddies.

whistle stop peddlers sparta bear friend factory
Photo courtesy of the Bear Friend Factory

Stephanie and Peter work hard to raise funds through bus trips and other activities to support the ER Buddies program. Their Bear Friend Factory is located in the heart of Sparta, Ontario and creates customized stuffed toys for people of all ages. With a focus on fundraising and helping the community, the Bear Friend Factory aims to “make sure that children coming to, or in the ER with serious or traumatic injuries get a friend to stick with them through thick and thin. We assist the medical professionals aiding these kids by not only making it easier to do their jobs, but also helping to calm patients.”

whistle stop peddlers sparta
Image courtesy of the Bear Friend Factory

The STEGH Foundation wishes to thank Stephanie and Peter for their commitment and dedication to this amazing program and appreciate their passion to help the kids who visit STEGH’s ER.

In the photo, Stephanie (back row, left) and Peter (back row, right) are presenting the donation of ER buddies to Katie Wheeler, Manager of the ER (front row, left), and others who work in the Emergency Department.