Animal Aide of St. Thomas Elgin and Tabby’s Treasure Gift Shop are having an Open House at 333-335 Talbot Street on December 2, 2018 from 1-4 pm.

It has been another busy year at the shelter, with nearly 800 cats and kittens (and counting) coming through our doors. Those kinds of numbers really place a strain on our resources, financial for sure but even more so on our volunteers. We are hoping to accomplish five things with the Open House.

1. Bring people in to see what Animal Aide is all about. Tour the shelter and chat with some of the volunteers who share their lives with the kitties.

2. Let St. Thomas residents know about the city’s best kept secret, Animal Aide’s fundraising shop. Tabby’s Treasures Gift Shop is a terrific little boutique selling new and vintage items!

3. Recruit some volunteers. While we need people seven days a week, we really need helpers for weekday mornings and afternoons. High school students and adults are welcome!

4. Of course, to give one or more of our friendly felines a home for Christmas. Rumour has it that, depending on availability, some of our older kitties may be available at a reduced adoption fee for the afternoon.

5. And last but not least, tis the season for giving and we will gratefully accept your financial help if you care to donate money or supplies to the shelter.

Animal Aide is almost completely funded by donations and the fundraising efforts of our volunteers and the proceeds of adoptions. As we are a registered charity, you can receive a tax receipt for your donation.