CrossFit Elgin is all about transformation, and not just physical transformation. Owner Steve Atkinson is passionate about the “life changing fitness” that goes on every day at CrossFit, where people of all ages come to work out, be encouraged, and be part of the family that CrossFit members have become.

We wanted to see this transformation for ourselves, and we didn’t have to look far. Hank Zehr, Operational Inspector for the St. Thomas Police, is a testament to the amazing atmosphere of positivity that CrossFit offers alongside an extremely effective fitness program. When Hank first joined CrossFit (reluctantly), he couldn’t jump onto a foot-high box. Despite his intimidation at joining a gym, three months after starting he lost 90 lbs; now he is down 140 lbs and going for 8 km runs. He is excited that he can keep up with his two teenage sons and that his health is back on track. Hank credits his transformation partly to the coaches at CrossFit, who make the exercises manageable and achievable, but also to the community there that encourages, motivates, and makes you want to come back.

Atkinson has seen the mental and emotional transformation that comes from being physically fit, which he says is the most rewarding part of coaching. “The weight is great and the strength is awesome, but seeing the self confidence and the value that they give themselves and other people – that’s the best part of coaching CrossFit and being part of CrossFit Elgin.”

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