Business Buzz: COVID-19 Edition with Two Forks

Terrie and Rob from Two Forks joined us this evening for the first edition of Business Buzz!
Terrie and Rob having been running Two Forks for 9 months. About two weeks ago they had two days notice to shut down their business. This is their story.
Thanks to Terrie Collard and Rob Lampman for joining us, and thanks to Jess Andrews for providing tech support and social engagement!
When Business Buzz was conceived, it was to celebrate, promote, and check-in with all the amazing businesses we have in the area.
In the months since then, everything has changed. So we’ve changed the format as well. Now we’re doing it live while also following social distancing safety protocols.
This is going to be an interesting journey. Welcome to the ride!
During this episode we checked in with Terrie and Rob to see how they are doing with everything. They had about two days notice to shut down, let their staff know, deal with all their perishables and plan for an unknowable future.
Since then they have reached out to their community by sharing food (check our their Facebook post about making soup for their friends!), sharing opportunities (offering to host a gradution party for Kettle Creek Public School if the schools don’t re-open for graduation), and generally keeping up their good spirits in spite of the financial burden a shut down like this has put on their business. They’ve also offered to replenish the supply of TP for Jess and I if we run out before this pandemic has run it’s course – for which I will be eternally grateful for, especially if it comes to that!
During this time, Terrie and Rob are also planning out a new menu, with some faves making the cut – broccoli salad will be back!
Check out and #onetable to see how the restaurant industry is coming together at this time.
We also gave a shout out to Railway City Brewing Company and the Railway City Tourism Arts Crawl custom beer labels that were produced at the beginning of the show. Please support all the local businesses during this time if you can.
Watch the full video for all the details!
Here’s to staying strong in the face of COVID-19!
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